Thursday, March 31, 2011


Welcome to Sedona!  There are some cities you go to, and you look around, and you wonder why in the world anyone would have picked this particular spot to settle.  Not so in Sedona, Arizona.  Ooo, that's fun to say!  Sedona, Arizona, imma gonna, maybe phone ya.  But I digress.  ;-)

Sedona is beautiful!  This valley, set in deep pockets of bold, red sandstone is home to just over 10000 people.  Sedona gets its name from its first postmaster, Sedona Arabelle Miller Schnebly.  Now that's a name!  It was first settled by European-Americans in 1876, when ranchers planted their roots.  Farmers planted their roots a little later, making the valley renowned for its peaches and apples.

Word got out about Sedona's beauty, and so in the 1950's, things started changing.  Vacation homes sprung up.  Tourists started showing up.  Later, artists and other free spirits moved in, captured by the beauty of these lands.  Now, tourism makes accounts for most of the industry in the town, which can make the town seem a bit too commercial.  But that's OK.  Escape is a short hike away!  :-)

At the base of Cathedral Rock, the land just seems to say "Hey, you, climb on up, it will be fun!"

Bright, reddish orange rock, lush green shrubs, clear blue skies...  It's great to be alive!

The flora here varied quite a bit.  In the valleys, scrub trees and oaks cover the floor.  On the higher rocky plains like these, with greater sun exposure and less water collection, the plants look more like what you find in the desert surrounding Sedona.

Loved these rocky, layered spires!

I'm getting closer to the top of Cathedral Rock.  The stone pillars stand proud against the sunbeams.

Didn't I see some of these wiry plants in Big Bend National Park?  Their still kind of cool.

Almost to the top.  Must make it.  Mouth dry.  If only I could drink water.

Do you see the little, itty-bitty whitish speck up near the top of the photo above this massive outcropping?  That's the moon.  It always looks so small in photos like this.  :-(  Anyway, as you can see, beauty is marching on here!

These rocky cliffs are not monoliths, but rather are made up of layers which tell a story of the past, and help to enhance the view with rich detail!

Looking back on the valley behind me, I see so many other places to explore!  That will have to wait until next time.

The color was amazing!  It's like walking through an artist's pallet.

Peaking in between the pillars of stone for another view of the valley below.  Beautiful!  What else can I say?

The way down was just as fun and rewarding as the way up!

There is no city skyline more picturesque than this!

The sun is setting.  The rocks are glowing.  The Stanley is leaving.  See you next time!

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