Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twin Cities

Hello everyone! Welcome to Minneapolis and St. Paul, also known as the Twin Cities! It's two impressive cities for the price of one!

The city of Minneapolis grew out of a ancillary town supporting nearby Fort Snelling, which was established in 1819. It became an official town in 1856, and incorporated as a city in 1867. Situated at the highest waterfall on the Mississippi river, Minneapolis became one of the greatest centers for direct-drive hydro-power in the world between 1880 and 1930. With the power, plus the distribution network of the Mississippi river and the railroad, Minneapolis became a hub for mills, where companies like Pillsbury and General Mills once ground enough flour to make twelve million loaves of bread a day! That's my kind of city!

On the opposite and eastern bank of the Mississippi, St. Paul grew up around the same time. In 1841, Father Lucien Galtier headed to the settlement which would become St. Paul to minister to the Catholic French Canadians living in the area. It was Father Galtier's influence, and his love for Paul the Apostle, which would provide the impetus to name the city St. Paul. When the Minnesota Territory was formalized in 1849, St. Paul was established as its capitol, and it remained the capitol in 1858 when Minnesota became the 32nd state of the union.

In the photo above I'm standing outside Everest, a restaurant which serves Tibetan and Nepali food. In this multicultural place, it was just one of the many great adventures I had.

Yak soup, yak dumplings, and a little chai tea were all quite delicious in Everest.

On to the city itself, just look at this impressive state capitol building. Stately, indeed.

The general architecture made for a pleasant urban hike.

It was a fun mix of the modern...

...and the classical.

There were many fun stores to explore, like Candyland...

...and quite possibly the best store in the entire world: Bread and Chocolate!

A large hill runs through the city, and on its summit you could get really great views.

Bike lanes on tree lined streets helped you make the most of pleasant days. What's that in the distance?

Why, it's St. Paul's Cathedral auspiciously towering over the land, built in 1915.

It was just as impressive inside as outside.

Let me tell you, the Twin Cities is a cherry of a destination. :-)

Not only is it very pretty, it's also well appointed, like with metal zebras.

And world-class museums, like the Art Institute of Minneapolis, with masters like Van Gogh.

As well as cultural arts like this spiffy African mask.

Some paintings had a way of stirring up love and joy.

While some statues had a way of making you smile.

Ultimately, the art was a reminder to appreciate the beauty of life. And that's a good thing... :-)

...even in architecture. Well, I see I am at the door, so it's time to say goodbye until next time!


Kelly said...

Your pictures and commentary are wonderful...it makes me want to travel !!!

Kelly said...

Seriously how can you NOT love a city with stories like "Candyland" and "Bread & Chocolate" :D

Flat Stanley said...

Thanks! And no kidding on "Candyland" and "Bread & Chocolate!" I was sooo close to dropping the road life and planting some paper-thin roots.