Thursday, October 15, 2009

SPAM Museum

Hello again! I'm sorry that I've missed the past couple of months. As you can see, I had some problems with SPAM! OK, well, I didn't actually have any problems with SPAM, I just took a little break, but I am back to report on my trip to the SPAM museum in Austin, Minnesota!

While spam is used as a derogatory term for unwanted emails, the real SPAM is a meaty loaf of ham shoulder bits congealed together with a little gelatin. SPAM was an innovation in food technology at the time when it came into being; finding a way to utilize the little bits and pieces of good meat removed from the more bony parts of the hog shoulder. The word SPAM is the splicing of the word spiced and the word ham, although there are not many spices in SPAM other than salt.

Due to its precooked condition and durable canning, SPAM was once a part of military rations in World War II. After the war ended, SPAM had a period of great commercial success. Today, there are still devoted fans of SPAM, and in Hawaii you can find it on restaurant menus, even at some gourmet places.

Right inside the museum is a mega-wall of canned SPAM!

Through the years, SPAM marketed all sorts of products. Why, you could even get Spic and SPAM!

SPAM Theater: Where puppets go to ham it up.

After touring the museum, my mouth was water for a salty slab of canned ham, so I headed over to Johnny's SPAMoramma for a SPAM and cheese omelet. Tasty!

I hope you don't think that I got carried away with the SPAM! See you next time!

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Kelly said...

OMGosh...never ever would have believed it if there weren't pictures of it!!!! Not the biggest fan of Spam (don't ask and I won't tell ;-) but this is TOO funny!